5 Zero-waste Wedding Gifts

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Weddings gifts have evolved past the gift registry, in fact, some couples may not even create registries anymore. For one, many couples already live together and have basic home essentials already, leaving useless gadgets a thing of the past.

Couples appreciate a surprise, something that speaks to their values, and for many couples this means eco-friendly, practical gifts.
Give your friends and family something that they will cherish and use with these going-green gifts.

Compost Bin
Compost bins are great for couples who love to save the planet, have a garden, or enjoy learning a new hobby. Modern-day composting has never been easier

  • A tumbler, made from 100% recycled plastic, provides nutritional fertilizer for gardening couples. Pus, it is simple to use and requires almost no assembly or upkeep.
  • A counter-top composter is a less expensive option that is great for apartments. Made with recycled BPA-free plastic, this convenient bin allows for quick deposits and easy clean up with no-mess compostable bags.



Welcome a couple into this new stage of their life with something that will grow with them. The gift of green cannot get any greener with a plant that will last a lifetime.

  • Tree Seedlings represent a newly formed adventure, one that with nourishment and love will thrive for years to come. Choose your tree based on your geographic location and whether the couple has an outdoor living space. A money tree gives energy to a couple’s apartment. While a fruit tree or a larger tree such as a beechcan provide shade to any yard.
  • Indoor houseplants filter the air and promotes positive vibes. Any couple would love a fern or spider plant which are long-lasting a beautiful.

Basket of Toiletries

Throw together some green bathroom items that couples will appreciate while getting fresh.

  • Matching Biodegradable Toothbrushes offer bamboo handles and plant-based, biodegradable bristles that are naturally anti-bacterial.
  • Organic Soaps made from natural indigents leave your skin and your drain chemical free.
  • Bamboo Towels use abundant bamboo that is soft and naturally hypo-allergenic.
  • Soap Nuts wash your clothes without harmful chemicals, plus they are long-lasting and dissolve naturally.

Community Supported Agricultural Subscription

A CSA is the best way to support your local organic farms while getting the freshest seasonal produce. Couples get to see where their food grows and even get to visit their very own plot to see how their veggies are growing. Find a local CSA here.

Kitchen Basket

  • Cloth Organic Hemp Napkins save thousands of paper towels from the waste bin and can come in seasonal and vibrant styles.
  • Bees Wax Food Wrappers is the trendiest and smartest way to wrap and preserve your food while avoiding wasteful plastic bags.
  • Canned Dried fruits and Nuts provide for great snacking as well as future storage. Get creative by decorating or personalizing the reusable jars for the couple-to-be.
  • Reusable Grocery Bags now come in so many designs and colors you will be sure to find ones that fit the couple’s personality.

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