Back to School Upcycling Ideas

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When it comes to saving money upcycling is something that many parents may want to consider for their children. College students may also want to consider the benefits of upcycling because it allows them to start the school year off without breaking the bank to get back in class.

Rethinking your backpack purchase

One upcycling idea that will possibly save students money right away is the upcycling of the backpack. So many people that have backpacks for the previous school year will assume that they need a new backpack simply because the previous one was tattered. What people need to realize is that backpacks are going to be about the same from year to year. The style is really not change all that much so it may be to your advantage to actually get a backpack that you can add some decorations and stickers to make it look like new again. It is going to be better to consider patching up any small holes with a little stitching and adding your own personal touch to personalize it. People that may have thought that they needed another backpack will see that they can actually go another school year if they take a little time to patch up any small amount of damage that may have occurred with the backpack from the previous use.

The Upcycling of Clothes

When it is time to go to school people that are going back to class will realize that it is not always about picking brand new garments from the store. In this day and age of social media trends and diversity it can be much cooler to piece together a look that is your own. The people that take the time to personalize their look will discover that it is easier to buy some clothes at a low cost from a place where used items are sold.

Sometimes it is going to be easier to grab a shirt or a hat from a place like Plato’s Closet. These are used garments that may be matched up with other accessories that you may have in the home. If you don’t have any accessories there are other places like the Salvation Army and Goodwill that may provide a surprising amount of stylish accessories that have been given away. People may no longer fit some of these things. In many cases people give up clothes for tax write-offs, and these clothes will often be new, but some of these garments may not have fit. That is why one can never discount the possibilities that lie with a Goodwill or Salvation Army store. People that are skeptical may find themselves with a lot of opportunities to enhance their wardrobe.

Take Items Around the Home to Organize Your School Supplies

There are tons of people that are looking for school supply organizers, but this is really a waste of money. Anyone that has gotten into the idea of upcycling will notice that there are tons of things around the home that can be used as pencil holders or bookends for their books.

People that need to store supplies like pencils, highlighters and pencil sharpeners can take old jeans and cut the bottoms to make something of a supply holder. Students can also use paper bags to wrap their books.

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